Collection: Rings

The symbolic influence a diamond ring conveys makes it the perfect piece of jewelry for celebrating special occasions like anniversaries, engagement, weddings, birthdays, pregnancies and more. Rings represent a variation of successful achievements and accolades for people and are the perfect gift for loved ones to add that sparkle everyone needs in life.

Not only are diamond rings incredibly beautiful, but they’re renowned for their numerous advantages, including their value and durability, making it an appealing piece of jewelry for both men and women. For centuries, this marvel of a shiny stone has dazzled clients, easily capturing people with a magnificent glow and uniqueness. Globally, diamonds are one of the most attractive gemstones to humans, speaking on their popularity. Diamond rings add sparkles to any moment, turning memories into unforgettable and magical ones as this gemstone symbolizes everlasting love and commitment, among many other things. 

At Hart’s Jewelry & Pawnshop, we pride ourselves on offering unique and custom-designed diamond rings that are crafted by our expert artisans who can create your dream ring. Afterall, no gift can be compared to the diamond ring that you’ve dreamed of yourself. Creating your own custom ring is a unique method of expressing your love to that special person. Our talented designers are ready to craft one-of-a-kind and custom-made jewelry to satisfy our valued customers’ desires. Our jewelry is assembled with high-quality raw materials that last a lifetime. We’re happy to help magical moments come to life for our valued customers with our beautiful diamond rings. Moreover, Hart’s Jewelry & Pawnshop’s collection of stunning rings has remained a symbol of love for couples during our 30 years of business.

Our wide collection of rings are categorized by type, each having their own unique color, design, and shape. The different styles may vary from vintage and antique rings to our more modern collection. Explore an array of diamond rings at Hart’s Jewelry & Pawnshop to find the special ring that makes you feel it was designed just for you.

In addition to traditional diamond rings, our cluster rings are composed of small pieces of diamonds assembled together with the pieces of stones aligned to offer additional sparkles. Cluster ring settings are favored for their unique design and gentle glams. Commonly, this type of setting tends to convey a vintage or antique feeling, which makes it an ideal choice for vintage enthusiasts and clients who seek something different than traditionally modern rings. Furthermore, cluster diamond rings are timeless and will always remain a classic look that can be passed down through generations. Discover Hart’s Jewelry & Pawnshop’s wide collection of cluster diamond rings and find the cluster ring best suited for you or your loved one.

Similar to cluster rings, pave setting rings depict the paved diamond design. With small pieces of diamonds aligned closely together, pave settings give a visual effect of one strong sparkle. Unlike other common settings, this type of pave diamond rings does not highlight a specific part, rather it radiates equal shine from the perfectly aligned diamond stones, serving as the ideal jewelry for a fancy evening event.

Aside from women’s accessories, Hart’s Jewelry & Pawnshop also offers men’s rings. We provide our male customers with luxurious diamond rings, a favored classic accessory to complete a handsome and fancy look. We offer a vast variety of statement rings for both men and women, embedded with beautiful diamond gemstones that are available in one-of-a-kind designs and unique styles.

In addition to our diamond material, our craftsmen can incorporate other sophisticated stones, like sapphire. Discover our sapphire collection that is wrapped with beautiful colors, which is a nice contrast to diamond rings. Available for both men and women, add colors to your fingers with Hart’s Jewelry & Pawnshop sapphire rings, as these colorful gems are a beautiful alternative to diamond rings thanks to their glamorous glow and attraction.

Whether you’re looking for traditional diamond rings, rings with unique settings, simple or intricate diamond ring designs or even sapphire rings, Hart’s Jewelry & Pawnshop is proud to provide a variety of beautifully designed and high-quality rings for our valued customers. If we don’t have the ring you’re looking for in our collection, our expert craftsmen can design the ring of your dreams for you or your loved ones.