Collection: Bracelets

Allow your wardrobe to bloom and add some sparks to your outfit with the beautiful bracelets offered at Hart's Jewelry & Pawnshop. For decades, our team of craftsmen have reimagined bracelets from antique and bold pieces to dainty and minimal ones. Explore our collection of stunning and fine pieces at Hart’s Jewelry & Pawnshop to bring some extra shine to your look. Visit us to see a variety of different bracelet designs, which are distinguished by their unique materials, shapes, colors, and sizes. Decorate your wrist with luxurious jewelry that is suitable for every kind of occasion. Whether you’re looking for an everyday piece you can wear to your morning workout or a more elegant and classic piece you can add to your look for a night, our bracelet selection is endless.

There’s a slew of bracelets available at Hart’s Jewelry & Pawnshop for every identity just waiting to be worn. Browse through our line of individually unique products to find the stunning bracelet that matches your style. Whether your go-to is classic, trendy, or sporty, we can assure you that we have a design for all of your needs. At Hart’s Jewelry & Pawnshop, we offer an array of beautiful bracelets for both men and women. From delicate diamond bangles to sophisticated tennis bracelets, our endless options of outstanding bracelet designs can complement any and every wrist. 


Bangle bracelets have long been perceived as a staple in the fashion industry. Across the world, bracelets have been considered a central piece for every man and woman’s collection dating back as far as thousands of years ago. Going beyond just a sparkly addition in your collection, bracelet bangles are extremely versatile pieces to have and are not only thickset and fashionable, but bangle bracelets are a key addition in any glamorous collection. These extraordinary pieces of diamond jewelries are divided into two types: bracelets with clasps and bracelets without clasps. Originally, bangles are bracelets composed of one solid material -- often wood or silver. A bangle is a style of a bracelet that is circular and enclosed by either its form or hinge. At Harts Jewelry Pawnshop, we offer a series of diamond bangle bracelets, such as the Bangle Bracelet 14kt, White Gold, 18kt Yellow Gold, and the Diamond Butterfly Bracelet 14kt Yellow Gold. These are beautiful options for any events and special occasions. 


Hart’s Jewelry & Pawnshop offers Tennis diamond bracelets that are the epitome of elegance and class. Typically made up of very small, dazzling diamonds linked together through a narrow chain, this endearing style has been renowned for its unique attractiveness in a series of jewelry pieces, giving our customers the special glam they want to bring to their looks. From antique designs to the latest trends, we offer various styles of the diamond tennis bracelets and each of them can be distinguished by their own unique color and size. Our antique style tennis bracelet comes in white gold color and is embedded with diamonds all around. Another one of our favorites at Hart’s Jewelry & Pawnshop is the tennis bracelet in 14kt white gold with diamonds and yellow sapphire. We present a line of glamorous tennis bracelets that are covered with unique diamonds, giving you the luxurious look that is a staple among jewelry collections worldwide. 


One of our most prominent bracelets offered at Hart’s Jewelry & Pawnshop is the link bracelet. Wrap your wrist with our light and sophisticated link bracelet collection, which is available for both men and women Embedded with diamonds made with white, yellow and rose gold colors, we provide the most elegant and attractive designs of link bracelets available. We even offer the link bracelets with or without colored stones. A versatile piece of jewelry, the link bracelet is a key addition in any jewelry collection that can perfect that dazzling dress for an evening event or bring some shine to your everyday outfits. They even make great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries or graduations. Discover our high-quality Link bracelets and find one that matches your style today at Hart’s Jewelry & Pawnshop.