Collection: Charms

Meaningful charms have made their  mark in the world of fashion, renowned for enlightening an adornment with their exceptional designs. Continuously growing in popularity, pendants make an excellent way to customize your jewelry and define your personality. Crafted with various metals and elements, a charm adds meaning to your jewelry collection. Wear a charm that perfectly resembles a powerful symbol or even carries an unforgettable memory wherever you go. Discover our vast range of beautiful pendants at Hart’s Pawnshop and Jewelry and choose the one that best matches your chains. 

Whether you’re a fan of making a striking appearance with fashionable accessories or wearing traditional neckwear, there’s no doubt that every woman opts for decorating their adornments with alluring pendants. Charms serve as an alternative method of changing up your own style while promoting your individuality. Every woman desires to feel special, therefore she needs a scintillating pendant to create a stunning look. Every piece of jewelry tells a story and by adding charms, you can start your own as you explore our wonderful collection of finely crafted charms. These simple and intricate charms add the right amount of edge to every outfit. Available in various designs and styles, our dainty and beautiful charms can be a great way to up your jewelry game. Explore religious charms, elegant statement adornments, and more at Hart’s Pawnshop and Jewelry. 

Cross Pendants

Showcasing religious faith and devotion has become easier by simply wearing a stunning cross pendant. Our timeless collection comes in a comprehensive range of styles and sizes, from simple cross designs to sophistication crucifixes. Some are adorned with dazzling diamonds or other elements to add some sparkles to your appearance. Others are embellished with divert gemstones, making the pendants stand out from the rest with their unique radiance. Crafted in 14k and 18k white and yellow gold, our collection of crucifixes also make incredible gifts for religious ceremonies, Christmas, or any other holiday events. From simplicity and delicacy, to shimmering and eye-catching, find your own way of expressing your religious faith from our timeless and evergreen collection at Hart’s Pawnshop and Jewelry. 

Statement Pendants

Make a bold and distinctive statement with our stylish statement charm. Being the most prominent piece of jewelry among youths worldwide, these pendants are favored for their practical qualities. They are easy to blend and layer for everyday wear, making it the perfect piece of jewelry for crafting a signature look. Statement pendants are renowned for their contemporary design and for balancing between traditional and modern designs. Available with divert stones, colors, and styles, there is something for everyone at our pawnshop. The beauty of statement pendants is that the small and delicate piece of jewelry can make a big and wonderful difference to your outfit.

Gemstone Pendants

Shine like a star effortlessly with some scintillating gemstone pendants. They come in a vast array of designs, from subtle to bold, and exude an aura of captivating charm. Creating stunning looks for every occasion with these vividly colored stones, crafted to make heads turn. At Hart’s Pawnshop and Jewelry, our expert craftsmen utilize numerous, precious, rare, and exotic gemstones like tanzanite and sapphire to create vibrant adornments. Each gemstone carries a meaningful message. Make an exceptional addition to your jewelry box with our dazzling gemstone pendants from our pawnshop.