Collection: Watches

Finding the right watch isn’t solely about being able to view the time, but rather an investment jewelry piece for both men and women. Not only are watches considered as a classy accessory to complete an elegant ensemble, they are also incredibly trendy in the fashion world. At Hart’s Jewelry & Pawnshop, we present a wide array of the prominent designer watches. Our collection includes timepieces from the world’s leading fashion and jewelry brands.

Every watch says something about its wearer, as each and every one expresses a different style—but typically, the purpose of a fashion watch, in addition to telling time, is to achieve a specific look. The choice is an aesthetic one that varies between individuals. Some people prefer watches with a round face, or a watch that has a diamond bevel and more—it’s all about the watch’s visual appeal. Similar to clothing, watches and other jewelry pieces represent the recent trends and styles as well as highly distinctive individual tastes. Hart’s Jewelry & Pawnshop presents a collection of watches for all uses, whether they’re worn for fashion statements or as a functional piece. Watches are suitable for all occasions—from your daily work routine to fancy night events, watches can pull together any type of style. The watches we offer are designed with the use of excellent quality raw materials and crafted with scrupulous attention to detail. Our watch collection is a step ahead from the fashion standards thanks to its premium quality development, design, and production.

Discover our watch collection at Hart’s Jewelry & Pawnshop and we will guide you through the various brands and styles we offer. We are ready to help you choose the perfect watch for you or  a loved one. 


Explore the broad selection of Rolex watches we offer. The prestigious, high-precision timepieces give their owners an enhanced visual appearance of classiness and professionalism. This watchmaker brand might be perceived as the finest mass-produced industrial timepiece in the world, renowned for their one-of-a-kind designs, superior raw materials, and its luxurious look. Hart’s Jewelry & Pawnshop proudly offers various models of Rolex watches with each of them being distinctive by their uniquely prestigious designs and colors that can match any style or outfit. Vintage or modern, silver or gold, we are available to provide you with your dream Rolex experience.


Jaeger-LeCoultre remains one of the most luxurious and innovative wrist watch brands worldwide. The elegantly timeless line of products offers a range of chic and  high-performance watches reflecting the unparalleled expertise for which the brand is renowned for. Merging sophistication and distinctive individuality, the Jaeger-LeCoultre watch collection we offer promotes distinctive characteristics and appeal, promising only the best experience for customers. Available in 18kt yellow and white gold, you can choose between a wide selection of different designs that best meets your desires.


Another famous Swiss watchmaker brand, Omega’s collection of watches are favored for quality, high value, and various unique and original designs. With the use of the best quality raw materials for watch assembly, Omega delivers a long-lasting experience of sophistication and value with their watches. Each model holds a specific value for its materials and different collections, which includes their limited editions that are not only a valuable investment, but can be worn to match any kind of style. Elevate your wrist decoration with Omega watches for a chic look that will make you stand out. The brand remains a classic for watch enthusiasts for their combination of simplicity and elegance for daily wear.